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BomBARDed is a musical D&D podcast following the adventures of Yashee, Raz'ul, and Randy, three students at Strumlotts School of Barding, as well as their teacher, Splash (AKA the artist formerly known as Symbol).

It is performed by the band Lindby.

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Where can I listen? Edit

Looking for Chaos Sauce's songs or the OST? Find them on the Bandcamp!

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Ep. 49 - The Bicentennial, Mvt. V

Yashee and Raz’ul go to check on Randy after some successful buskin', and quickly find themselves in a precarious spot. This Bicentennial is non-stop! Someone should give these bards a rest.

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Chaos Sauce and the OST - Vol 4s are here! Edit

Find Chaos Sauce Vol.4 hereon Bandcamp!

OST Vol. 4 can be found here on Bandcamp!

Also, the BomBARDed patreon is finally out!

BomBARDed at PAX South 2020 Edit

If you missed their performance live, you can watch the VOD on the PAX Twitch here (starts at about 2:21:20 and runs for about an hour and a half)

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Check out the merch, latest episodes, character sheets, and so much more on the podcasts official website - ! From there you can access the redbubble and threadless shops, as well as all the episodes and info on our bards. You can also find transcripts and an awesome fanart collection under the media tab.

Contact details for the 'Cast Edit

On social media: @bombardedcast and using #bardcast


PO Box: send to Bombarded at 825 Precinct Line Rd, no. 512 - Hurst, Texas, 76053


Check out the podcasts website at !

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